Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

getting cupped

During therapy cupping a slight vacuum is created inside glass ” cups ” , which are then placed on the skin to provide a gentle suction . The effect of vacuum cups creates suction that softens the tissue and increases the flow of qi , blood and fluids. By stimulating the skin and underlying muscles , it helps to release toxins specific to the region that have accumulated and promotes the circulation of blood and lymph vessels two .
Cupping can be used on the neck, shoulders , back, sacral , hip , abdomen , thighs , arms , calves, and even in some cases the forehead or the feet , according to the state . The sensation of cupping is often characterized as deeply warm and relaxing . Many people find it deeply relaxing . It releases rigid soft tissue and stubborn knots. Contract, the tense and painful muscle tissue will soften quickly with a few minutes of suction cups.

Side effects
– Visible Brands
Some people have described as looking as if you were attacked by a giant octopus! The marks are circular or , in the case of suction massage ” streaky ” . People can react very differently so it is difficult to say how large they will be.
These marks disappear in 2-10 days, in some cases, will only be present at all .
The amount , duration and intensity of the color is to be observed importantand . Bright red is healthy and usually disappears very quickly.
Darker colors red and purpley indicate stagnation or surplus conditions in the client, and the treatment should be repeated with other treatments (eg , shiatsu , exercise therapy , changes in diet and lifestyle as required ) .
Severe bruising that turns yellow or greenish is indicative of overtreatment – lower doses should be used.
– Overdose
When an ” overdose ” ( overdose ) is applied, the temporary side effects of dizziness, nausea, pale , reduced vision, chest discomfort may be felt. A skilled practitioner is less likely to cause these effects . However, if they occur, immediate medical treatment and do not leave the clinic until these effects have disapated .

jennifer aniston cupping

When Jennifer Aniston recently arrived on the red carpet of a film premiere, she set tongues wagging, and not just because she looked gorgeous.

No, what people were talking about were the circular welts on her back. What happened to her? Did she get attacked by a squid or something?

The welts were actually due to an ancient Chinese medicinal practice called “cupping,” in which heated cups are applied to the body in order to increase blood flow and promote healing. It’s similar to acupuncture, and is currently all the rage among stars like Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and AnnaLynne McCord.