General Relaxation Massage

General Relaxation Massage

The purpose of general relaxation massage is to reduce stress with general muscle relaxation, using long flowing strokes and a lighter touch.

Relaxation massage is a general restoration work of the body that increases physical comfort and customer develops a sense of well-being. General relaxation massage is done with light and moderate pressure is generally made with oil or lotion.

Developed in the 1700s by a Swedish doctor, this type of massage is generally used to relax and energize you. Various techniques including long gliding strokes, applying circular pressure with hands and palms, and firm kneading are used to relax muscles and increase the oxygen flow in the blood. Lotion or oil is often used during a Swedish massage to reduce friction.

Some terms you might hear in reference to Swedish massage:

refers to the gliding strokes made by using the palms, thumbs and fingertips.

involves using the palms, hands, thumbs and fingers to make circular pressure.


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